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So many cute swimsuits but you're funny if you think I'm ever gonna have a sunny day off to wear them

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The Ultimate Guide to Summer's Best Swimsuits Summer is officially here, and it's time to stock up on the best swim of the season to wear to the beach, the pool, and let's be honest, on Instagram. There are so many trends to try this season, with new swimwear from every corner of the earth, including Colombia, Turkey, and Australia . Here, we've narrowed it down to the ten most exciting trends, including 80 of the best suits to buy now. Are you a minimalist at heart? Of-the-moment label Matteau is for you. Want to go retro?The high-cut '80s silhouettes are back, thanks to Bella Hadid and the return of Baywatch , as are the easy-breezy '70s crochet swim popularized by newbie bikini line She Made Me and Jeanne Damas with her label, Rouje. White swimwear is another breakout trend this summer, and JADE Swim has the brightest whites to try, making it an essential suit to pack for a trip to Mykonos. For the adventurous, there are maillots featuring cut-outs in just the right places. Prefer sporty styles or something with a high-waist? We've got that, too.

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